Training System

Classroom Learning

Classroom Learning

Complete 2 Practice Scenarios

Complete 2 Practice Scenarios

Feedback Session

Feedback Session

Classroom training


Classroom Learning

Each module eg presentations / networking is divided into 8 individual skills. Therefore there are 8 classes for each module – 1 for each individual skill.

During this class:
  • Trainer would explain language & communication techniques for each skill.
  • You would then practice this skill in a series of fast paced spoken activities.

The training material for this class would be in the form of an e-textbook. You receive an e-worksheet

Before each lesson:

An e-worksheet contains language/techniques to be taught during the class.

After each lesson:You receive an e- worksheet summarizing content of lesson plus extra details.
Benefits Of The Classroom Learning
  • Allow practice of language/communication techniques for a specific skill.
  • You gain confidence through carefully targeted practice in the class.
  • Speed up the ability to apply the content of each class within workplace.
  • You have the chance to review content & material during and after class.


Complete 2 Practice Scenarios

A Mid-Practice Scenario :
  • Completed halfway through the training  

A Final Practice Scenario :
  • Completed at the end of the training

Trainees receive an e-document to introduce practice scenario. Examples of typical practices scenario are:


Role-play a virtual meeting or give a workplace presentation



Writing an e-mail or report / Analyzing an e-mail or an extract of a report.

Benefits Of A Practice Scenario
  • Chance for integrated practice of language /communication techniques.
  • Opportunity to practice realistic industry/ company-orientated situation.
  • Opportunity to measure and assess personal progress during the training
Complete 2 Practice Scenarios
Feedback session


Feedback Session

After each practice scenario there is a Feedback Session where the trainer:

  • Will highlight communication strengths.
  • Will highlight communication weaknesses and how to rectify these.
  • Will point out and correct any crucial language / grammatical errors.

Trainer uses video-clips of the practice scenario to explain the feedback.
After the meeting the trainer will create a written summary of the feedback.

Benefits Of A Feedback Session: 

  • Allow you to improve your performance as workplace communicators
  • Allow you to see yourself on video performing workplace skills.
  • Allow you to review the feedback to reinforce the advice of the trainer.