B-Able does not simply use trainers. B-Able’s trainers are in fact communication coaches.

What is A
B-Able Communication Coach?

A trainer who can:

Understand the language & techniques required to be successful in different communication areas such as presentations and negotiations.

Can present, explain, set up & monitor the practice of specific skills from a module within a classroom environment

Watch an individual’s performance & identify key communication weaknesses

Provide feedback by offering corrections to communication weaknesses

Provide inspiration to raise an individual’s levels of self-belief and confidence.

Enhance and develop an individual’s performance as a communicator

What Is The B-Able Coaching Culture?

B-Able’s Coaching Is A 3 Stage Process

A Communication Coach Presents Specific Communications & Language Functions

A classroom based experience face to face with trainer

A Communication Coach Supervises 2 Practice Scenarios

There are 2 extended workplace role-plays/written assignments These activities are video-taped

A Communication Coach Gives Useful & Carefully Targeted Feedback

By face to face sessions with the trainees. By a pre-recorded video./ By written report

Benefits Of B-Able Coaching Culture

Assist In Process Of Becoming A More Effective Communicator

Act As A Mirror Which Reflects Actual Performance

Creates Further Chances For Personalized Contact With Trainer

Trainer Profile

Bable Steve

Steven Howe

Senior Communications Coach & Senior Content Developer

  • Nationality: British
  • Qualifications: Degree : (BA Hons) Business Studies.
  • Qualifications: Educational : Cambridge CELTA
Training Program Design
  • Specialist Business Communication Skills:
  • Presentations / Negotiations / Networking / Virtual Meetings & Discussions/ E-Mail Writing & Report-Writing / Business Psychology

  • Specific Business Functions:

  • Medical English / Financial & Accounting English/ Electronic/ Engineering English / Oil & Gas English/ Marketing English / Hospitality English

Communications Coach’s Experience
  1. Countries Trainer has Taught In : China / Kuwait / Saudi Arabia
  2. B-Able Corporate Clients Trainer Has Taught:
    (B-Able provided clients with multiple training contracts)
    • Target Sourcing Office Shenzhen: (Fortune 100 US Retailer)
    • Arup Office Shenzhen / Arup Office Guangzhou
      (British Global Engineering Consultancy)
    • Global Sources Office Shenzhen:
      (US B2B Online Supplier Platform)
    • O-Net Head Office Shenzhen
      (Internet Component’s Manufacturer Listed On HK Stock Market)
    • PCH International Mainland Head Office Shenzhen
      (Irish Supply Chain Consultancy)