Customer Service

B-Able provides their clients with the priceless gift of “peace of mind”. This comes from each client being assigned their very own personalized & professional B-Able Customer Service Ambassador.

B-Able Customer Service Ambassador

B-Able wants its modular training to be successful for each company/individual

B-Able guarantees every training experience is:

Smooth & painless

Pleasurable & enjoyable

Hassle-free & stress-free

Thus B-Able provides each company with a Customer Service Ambassador.

What is Customer Service Ambassador’s Role ?

A B-Able Customer Service Ambassador would help in the following ways:

Assist with the need analysis of the client’s training requirements.

Answer any queries
regarding the
module and its content.

Provide motivation and
encouragement to the

Provide notification of
any arrangements

Provide assistance and support through-out the training program.

Ensure the training
material is distributed
correctly and on time.

Video-tape all practice
scenarios and feedback

Upload the videos to the
client’s corporate platforms.

Attend and assist with
the Launch Party and the
Graduation Party.

Ensure all attendance
records are up-to-date.

Ensure all feedback
questionnaires are correctly issued and collected.

Keep records of all completed practice scenarios and feedback

Customer Service Ambassador

Echo Zhang

Head Customer Service Ambassador

  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Age: Always 21
Communications Coach’s Experience

Corporate Clients Assigned To Echo As Customer Service Ambassador:

B-Able provided multiple training contracts to these clients over several years

    • Target Sourcing Office Shenzhen: (Fortune 100 US Retailer)
    • Arup Office Shenzhen / Arup Office Guangzhou
      (British Global Engineering Consultancy)
    • Global Sources Office Shenzhen:
      (US B2B Online Supplier Platform)
    • O-Net Head Office Shenzhen
      (Internet Component’s Manufacturer Listed On HK Stock Market)
    • PCH International Mainland Head Office Shenzhen
      (Irish Supply Chain Consultancy)