Target Bable

Modular Training Solution:

Specialist Business Communication Skills

The Client

The contract was with the Target Sourcing Office in Shenzhen.

Target is a Fortune 500 company. It’s up-market US retailer with 1,800 stores.

The Training Needs

To help employees improve workplace communication skills like presentations.

Training should engage the employees and provide some form of assessment.

The Training Content

The module was called : Design & Present TED –Style Presentations

  1. This module lasted 8 weeks and covered 8 specific skills.
  2. Each lesson consisted of presentational language and techniques using
    • Video clips / Examples of TED –Talks
    • High intensity & fast paced pair and group work activities
  3. 2 practice scenarios involving presentations related to Target’s business.
  4. For the final practice scenario a mock TED event was organized.
  5. All videos were uploaded onto the Target Shenzhen platform for viewing

The End Result

Trainees gave a positive reaction to the training and its content.

Contract was extended to an 18 month period & B-Able taught 8 modules.

These modules included: negotiations/ virtual meetings / business psychology.

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