Modular Training Solution:

Specialist Business Communication Skills

The Client

The contract was with the Oracle Office in Shenzhen.

Oracle is one of the original “tec giants” focusing on database development.

The Training Needs

To help employees improve workplace communication skills such as virtual meetings.

Training should help trainees to improve their ability to participate more confidently and clearly when having a discussion via a teleconference or video-conference with their colleagues in India / Philippines’ / Silicon Valley

The Training Content

The module was called :

Taking Part & Leading Teleconference & Video-Conferences

  1. This module lasted 8 weeks and covered 8 specific skills.
  2. Each lesson consisted of language and communication techniques using:
    • Video clips about good and bad meetings etiquette & behavior.
    • Video examples of actual meetings & role-plays.
    • High intensity & fast paced pair and group work activities.
    • Mini-meetings in the 2nd half of over 70%-80% of the lessons
  3. 2 practice scenarios involving virtual meetings related to Oracle’s business.

The End Result

Trainees gave a positive reaction to the training and its content.

B-Able provided Oracle with a further training module focused on E-Mail Writing.

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