Modular Training Solution:

Specialist Business Communication Skills

The Client

The contract was at O-Net’s head office & production facilities in Shenzhen.
O-Net is a global technology components manufacturer.

The Training Need

To help O-Net employees from different departments communicate with their global colleagues situated in America, Europe and India.

These departments included Quality / R & D / Supply Change / Engineering.

The Training Content

Training involved high level customization and was designed totally by B-Able.

Training content focused on short programs related to specific departments.

The Training Program

Each department attended an intensive training program focused on the different job related communication skills.

Examples of such skills from different departments included:

  • Attending a weekly teleconference on customer quality issues.
  • Negotiating a foreign supply agreement
  • Writing a problem resolution report / FA analysis report
  • Writing an email of request / an e-mail of compliant to supplier

The End Result

The training solution cost-effectively allowed a large number of O-Net employees to attend & participate in bespoke and practical training programs.

These programs focused on enhancing employees’ ability to communicate carefully targeted work-related skills within their department.

Over 6 years B-Able carried out O-Net’s annual business English training.

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